Bronze Package

$999/ Month (1 Year Contract)

The publishing and maintenance of your business's social media accounts. Includes one account. (Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, Etc)


Silver Package

$1699/ Month (1 Year Contract)

Bronze package +

  • 2 Hours of SEO/ Month
  • 2 Custom Articles published to your website/ Month
  • Establishment and monitoring of a mail-based campaign
  • *Client covers direct spend budget

Gold Package

$2599 $1999/ Month (1 Year Contract)

Bronze package +

Silver package +

  • Establishment and monitoring of an Internet marketing campaign*
  • *Client covers digital spend budget

Marketing is not an expense, its an investment in your future

Dedicating a portion of your budget towards digital and/or direct spending is a necessity if you plan on competing in today's competitive marketplace

According to a study by Nielsen, the average return on ad spend is 2.87:1, meaning for every $1 spent on advertising, the average company makes $2.87.

Full Service Marketing Solutions

All of our plans are customizable. We realize your business is unique and will require varying levels of attention to your marketing budget.

We offer website & logo design services, online reputation management, PR, Video advertising and other unique marketing solutions upon request


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